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Owning a rental property in Indianapolis is a great way to build a nest egg in today’s unstable economy. Unlike bank brokered investments, being a landlord provides a safe and secure investment with a degree of peace of mind because you can look at your house almost anytime you want and rest assured that instances of home theft are exceedingly rare. It’s yours and will be yours until you decide otherwise. Your investment is going nowhere and as sure as inflation exists, your property will appreciate.

The problem with rental property is this; Tenants. Tenants will instinctively have a fundamental philosophical difference from yours and unless you are ready and willing to face their combative dialogue, will inevitably cause you some degree of emotional, financial, or physical grief. Stories of tenant nightmares that are significant enough to cost landlords material amounts of money and emotional stress are passed down from generation to generation and from friend to friend. Surely, you know somebody who was wronged by a rental property tenant.

So what is the answer? A property management firm. An Indianapolis property manager will charge much less than your neighborhood realtor and generally will have a more developed sense of personal interaction due to his or her job description of being able to relate with difficult people.

The rest of this article will address some important issues relating to choosing a property manager.

Make sure the property manager is licensed

Make sure that your asset management firm is licensed. In today’s scene, Ponzi schemes, grand larceny, and corporate crime seem to abound. As a property manager who collects money and in most cases hundreds of thousands of dollars, on behalf of private clients – the potential for fraud exists to a great extent. As a licensed property manager, one has to report all rent and bank account activity to a council or professional body, which makes instances of personal greed, fraud, or mismanagement quite unlikely.

He or she should have experience 

Be sure that your property manager has experience. Most property managers are also property owners who learned the technique of dealing with tenants and chose to exploit their skill for profit. This is an exquisite thing. Ask your property manager how long he or she has been in the business and what factors influenced their decision to join the field. If they have less experience than you do, I would humbly suggest that you hit the road and keep looking. Tenants can be a handful, and a personable landlord can make all the difference, make sure your property manager is an attractive and easy to get along with person. Bad tempers and explosive demands are met with hostility from most tenants.

One-on-One interaction

The top property managers on your list qualify for an interview. You should meet these managers and discuss your properties with them. You can judge the expertise of executives in this interaction. You should ask all the possible queries about asset management. Seek the worst-case scenario and find out how manager reacts.

One on One interaction

Consider references

Check for references in Indianapolis who will attest to the quality of service from your property manager. This should be from both tenants and landlords. Asking for references is a bad idea because the provider of the reference will hand pick those people whom he or she refers, but other options exist. The first suggestion I have is to check with your prospective property manager’s website. There will be a page with vacant rental listings; randomly pick one of these properties and ask your manager if you can speak with the owner of the asset, at which time you can ask if the owner/client is happy with the level of communication and service provided. The other option is to ask to speak to a new tenant and ask them the same question. The response for these references will speak volumes.

Online Research

Do a thorough online check of all the property management services you have shortlisted. Check for reviews, current projects, and verify their numbers. These little tests can help you avert grave dangers in future. An important aspect to check for is the services provided. Good Indianapolis property managers differentiate their services and customize prices based on customer’s need.

Licensed managers are generally more credible

The importance of working with a reliable Indianapolis property manager

When it comes to handling and managing all of the aspects that are involved in the rental business it can often become overwhelming. Many people who buy property with the intention of renting it out lack the necessary skills to do this successfully. By gaining the help of an Indianapolis property manager, however, you shift the responsibility of doing this onto someone who is trained and experienced in all aspects of property management. Asset management is a great resource that leaves you free to get on with other aspects of business and your life while you have peace of mind that your property and rental business is in safe hands.

A good Indianapolis property manager will be just what you need to help you get your head around the rental and property market. You will be able to learn how to handle marketing, leasing, billing and rent collections as well as repair and maintenance work. More importantly, however, property management will be able to inform you of where you stand with the law and what rights you have when it comes to tenants and the structure of the building.

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By using the help from property management, you are gaining a valuable resource. The skill set of a property management team is ongoing; as well as the high a property management team can also produce financial reports and security deposit escrows. An Indianapolis property management team will be able to provide you with comprehensive income and expenses reports as well as cash statements every month, which saves you the headache of bookkeeping. Property management also involves providing you with the end of year tax reports for the use of your accountant or financial advisor. A property management team really can help you with every aspect of your property and rental business.

These tips should help you to get an idea as to the level of service that the Indianapolis property manager provides, and ultimately the level of service that you should expect to receive.


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