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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

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Why Use Indianapolis Property Management?

At Real Property Management Indianapolis Metro we know that one of the most critical steps for a real estate investor is identifying the right manager to handle his or her rental property. Consequently, we offer our clients a comprehensive property management package that comprises of the following ideal features:

  • 24/7 access to an online account
  • Integrated accounting services
  • Hassle-free maintenance calls
  • A collaborative client-tailored management strategy for attracting and recruiting high-quality Indianapolis tenants into the vacant homes.

Through our hands-on approach, the rental properties remain safe, attractive, and ideal for habitation, to the delight of both the property owners and renters

Why Use Us ›

Leave the hard work up to us

Handling property management issues can prove daunting and challenging. Instead of losing sleep about it, many rental owners prefer to partner with our dynamic team. When they do that, we focus our expertise, experience, and resources to ensure that all our homes abide by our strict rental standards. Our competent team of inspectors routinely monitor the physical condition and state of the asset to identify potential problems before they occur. As a result, the renters remain satisfied, while you get to maximize your profit margins, and enjoy a stable rental income flow.

What We Do ›

Rely on Professional Expertise

With Real Property Management Indianapolis Metro, you can count on our local knowledge and expertise, supported by systems and processes developed over the past 25 years.  Join the thousands of rental home owners and investors who trust Real Property Management across the country to manage their Indianapolis rental property. Whether you own one rental home or several investment properties, our staff is prepared to meet the demands of property management, 24 hours a day.  We know what works, what rents, and how to get more out of your rental property – all at a competitive price.

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What You Can Expect From Real Property Management Indianapolis Metro

Continuous Communication

RPM Indianapolis Metro understands how important it is for you to stay updated about the goings-on around your rental investment. Consequently, we have put in place a secure 24-hour online account, through which our team dedicated to your property, will inform you about related activities. Irrespective of your location or time zone, you can reliably monitor your property’s activities conveniently from a computer.

All-inclusive Marketing and Advertising

There is nothing as disheartening for a landlord like a vacant house. Besides interrupting the income flow, the lack of a tenant means you have to spend money to maintain and advertise it. Fortunately, thanks to our professional services, you can significantly shorten the vacancy length and reduce the vacancy frequencies. We commit thousands of dollars and resources each month to advertise our vacancies and market your property using various active rental property marketing strategies.

Comprehensive Tenant Screening

Property investors who contract us eliminate the chances of having problematic renters. We employ a detailed tenant screening process, where we evaluate each applicant based on residency or rental history, criminal background, sex offender registry, employment verification, as well as credit score rating.

Full-Service Leasing

At RPM Indianapolis Metro, we provide a leasing agent, who manages the contract signing with the qualified tenant, and also conducts a walkthrough with the approved renter to educate him or her on matters relating to the tenancy relationship. Moreover, we handle the rents, security deposits, and any fees as per the local ordinances and legal regulations.

Prompt Rent Collection

As an Indianapolis landlord, you do not wish to have a rental income characterized by late or delayed rent payments. Through our services, you will enjoy smooth rent collections. Each month we diligently collect the due rent using a robust but respectful, professional, and fair process. We then deposit the rent into your designated account expeditiously. Moreover, we have placed strategic measures to motivate renters to pay rent on time.

Regular Property Inspections

Our offices carry out three types of inspections namely; Move-in, Periodic during the life of the contract, and the Move-out inspections. Through each stage, we make use of documentation and photos to identify and determine the type of maintenance and repairs needed for the property. As a result, we can promptly take the necessary action in a less costly manner.

Cost-Efficient and Dependable Maintenance

Property maintenance is an unavoidable expense. After all, the condition in which your property is in has a direct effect on its market value as well the quality of tenants it attracts. An extensively worn out property means spending more time and resources to get in back in shape. However, when we handle your investment, we can help you save valuable time, money and resources. We utilize professional, trustworthy and competent contractors to carry out the repairs and  our in-house maintenance team works in a timely and affordable manner.

Strict and Compliant Evictions

We have a competent staff, well versed and experienced in the eviction state and local Indianapolis landlord-tenant laws. Therefore, in the event a tenant has to be evicted, we can initiate the appropriate legal procedures to remove the tenant in a fast, peaceful and inexpensive way. Furthermore, we also have an eviction protection plan, where we pay for the removal if it becomes necessary.

Comprehensive Accounting

One of our primary goals for handling your rental property is to help you maximize your income while simultaneously reducing your expenses. For this reason, we have a centralized accounting and reporting system for tracking your rental income and expenditure. The comprehensive system details itemized statements, as well as documents and organizes all the property’s management financial data in one convenient place. Also, we assign to each landlord a password-protected online account to help them access the financial reports whenever they need.

Servicing the greater Indianapolis area, RPM Indy Metro offers residential management services. Real Property Management Indianapolis Metro is located at 2222 Cunningham Rd Suite 2 Indianapolis, Indiana 46224. Call us at 317-484-8444 for a free management consultation!